[VIDEO] You May Be A U.S. Citizen Through Your Parent and Don’t Know It!

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Believe it or not – someone you know (including you!) may be unaware that he or she is a U.S. citizen by operation of law. Every year many people waste hundreds of dollars applying for green cards and/or citizenship via naturalization when they are already a U.S. citizen by law. Even worse, thousands of U.S. citizens end up being deported from the U.S. because they either do not

With Possible Immigration Reform, Eligible DREAMers Should Apply Now for Deferred Action

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Despite the frequent changes and amendments to the proposed  immigration reform legislation, it seems one group should benefit no matter what the final version of the legislation looks like as long as it is passed – DREAMers. DREAMers are people who were brought to the U.S. illegally (or overstayed their authorized period of stay) as children.  Certain DREAMers are now eligible for temporary protection from deportation and work authorization via a request

Must See Immigration Video – How to Pass the Fiance and Marriage Interviews


I recently watched a video on How to Pass the K-1 Fiance(e) and Marriage Interviews and I must say I am impressed. The video is full of excellent information for international couples seeking a U.S. fiance visa, immigrant visa, or green card for a foreign national. Highlights of the topics covered include: Eligibility Requirements for the (1)  K-1 fiance visa, (2)  K-3 spouse visa, (3) immigrant visa for spouses,

Immigration Reform Bill Passes First Crucial Hurdle

Immigration Protest at White House

The long-awaited Immigration Reform Bill  passed its test run with flying colors, with the Senate voting 84-15 in favor of progressing with the necessary legal reforms that would legalize the situation of over 11 million immigrants. “A permanent, common-sense solution to our dysfunctional system is in sight. This bipartisan legislation is the solution our economy needs. It is the solution immigrant families need,” Senate Majority Leader, Harry

Caution: Check Your FBI Fingerprint Record Before Applying for Citizenship or a Green Card


Your Federal Bureau of Investigation or FBI fingerprint record contains information about your criminal history (if any). Additionally, it may also include documented immigration violations