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[VIDEO] You May Be A U.S. Citizen Through Your Parent and Don’t Know It!

Believe it or not – someone you know (including you!) may be unaware that he or she is a U.S. citizen by operation of law. Every year many people waste hundreds of dollars applying for green cards and/or citizenship via naturalization when they are already a U.S. citizen by law. Even worse, thousands of U.S. citizens end up being deported from the U.S….

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Immigration Protest at White House

Immigration Reform Bill Passes First Crucial Hurdle

The long-awaited Immigration Reform Bill  passed its test run with flying colors, with the Senate voting 84-15 in favor of progressing with the necessary legal reforms that would legalize the situation of over 11 million immigrants. “A permanent, common-sense solution to our dysfunctional system is in sight. This bipartisan legislation is the solution our economy needs. It is the solution immigrant…

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Caution: Check Your FBI Fingerprint Record Before Applying for Citizenship or a Green Card

Your Federal Bureau of Investigation or FBI fingerprint record contains information about your criminal history (if any). Additionally, it may also include documented immigration violations

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Obtain Strong Support Letters When Seeking Immigration Benefits

Strong support letters can be very helpful in immigration, particularly when seeking naturalization (citizenship), a waiver of something that prevents you from obtaining a visa to enter the country, or when fighting removal (deportation). Strong support letters are critical if there is anything in your background that may lead to discretionary denial of the benefit or relief you are seeking….

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US Citizenship Application

Top 6 Reasons Why Citizenship is a Better Value Than A Green Card

Inevitably, at some point the permanent resident cards (“green cards) of long-time U.S. Legal Permanent Residents (LPRs) will expire. LPRs are required to maintain a valid permanent resident card, so green card holders must either continue to renew their LPR status and thus the green card, or apply to “upgrade” their status to U.S. citizen through an application for naturalization….

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