Obama and his birth certificate

Obama Birth Certificate Interview with Attorney Tanya M. Lee

Interview on President Obama’s Birth Certificate

I was recently interviewed by Attorney Shimane Smith on his radio show, “Nothing But the Truth.” I fielded questions about the controversy surrounding President Barack Obama’s birth certificate, specifically why under the U.S. Constitution it matters whether he was born in Hawaii or Indonesia. This is a fascinating aspect of nationality law, and I explain the constitutional requirement that a U.S. President be a “natural-born citizen,” not a naturalized citizen or a U.S. citizen born “abroad.” I also discuss how this requirement has relevance to both John McCain and Arnold Schwarzenegger as well.

In the second part of the interview, I talk about options for immigration relief  for victims of domestic violence as well as some of the immigration consequences of criminal conduct, including removal (deportation) for even long-term Permanent Residents (green card holders) for seemingly minor violations or misdemeanors. Please click on the audio file below to hear the interview.

In an upcoming post I will share a second interview where I discuss marriage fraud and tips for a successful green card interview for foreign nationals married to U.S. citizens.