PodCamp AZ Event: Blogging and Social Media for Businesses

My sister and I offer a session in 4 video sections from PodCamp AZ 2009, Blogging and Social Media for Businesses, So Easy a Lawyer Could Do it. Ms. Terry Lee or QueenGeek and myself offer a non-technical session to business owners about using blogging and social media for businesses. Tanya is the owner of The Law Office of Tanya M. Lee while I, QueenGeek, operate I Help Bloggers. Interestingly enough, we also discuss Tanya’s other site, Sushi Lovers Unite, that was used as a test case for blogging and a de-stresser. Through the discussion she offers many tips that can be applied to various business types.

Technical note: These videos have chapter markers, links to sites and commentary to aid audience questions.