Should You Practice Immigration Law

Immigration is one of the hottest topics in the news today, particularly as it relates to politics and elections. The idea of practicing immigration law, particularly with the lure of loads of potential clients if/when Comprehensive Immigration Reform is passed by Congress, may appeal to many attorneys seeking to diversity or change their practice area, or law students exploring practice areas. But what is it really like to practice immigration and nationality law? What are the highlights and lowlights? In this free one-hour webinar, Immigration Attorney Tanya M. Lee introduces you to the practice of immigration law, and offers you insights into the Good, the Not So Bad, and the Downright Ugly aspects of this hot legal practice area.

Practice Immigration Law

What’s included?

  • What is Immigration Law? What is Nationality Law?
  • Sub-practice areas/niche opportunities
  • Key Introductory Immigration Legal Terms and Concepts
  • What Do Individuals/Companies Hire an Immigration Attorney to Do?
  • Litigation vs. Transactional Opportunities
  • Politics and the Impact on Your Immigration Practice
  • Opportunities for criminal, family, employment, and business lawyers
  • …..and More

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  • http://www.facebook.com/carolyn.mason.1000 Carolyn Mason

    Interesting and useful! If you are considering expanding into immigration law or going into immigration law as a solo practitioner, this video will answer questions.

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    The presentation cuts off and asks me to see the rest by clicking on a link sent to my e-mail. But each time I click on the link sent to me by e-mail, the presentation starts and then stops at the same place. How do I get around this? Thank you!

    • http://aboutusvisas.com/ The Law Office of Tanya M. Lee

      I’m looking for your email address in the list of subscribers and it’s not there. You should be able to enter your email address and continue watching immediately. Usually something that blocks cookies

      (1) Did you receive a “confirmation” email?
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      I would “clear” your browsers history; close the browser and re-try. If that doesn’t work, I can manually register you and get you going.

      Thanks in advance for your answers and patience.