Why I Practice Immigration Law for Couples, Part 3: How a Website Helped Get Fiancé Visa

Diligently following the government’s instructions, after the fiancé visa petition was approved by USCIS, we gathered even more evidence in preparation of the visa interview to prove to the Consular officer that this was a true love match and that we did indeed plan to marry and live happily ever after.

Proof of Upcoming Wedding

At the interview at the Consulate, my then-fiance was armed with boarding passes, airline tickets of my visits to see him in his country, pictures we had taken together, endless pages of telephone records, romantic emails, etc. Surely all of that would be persuasive evidence of an engagement, right? Maybe. But what did the Consular officer check during the visa interview? Our  The Knot website page (theknot.com) that we had set up to alert friends and family of the U.S. wedding ceremony details should the visa get approved. The Consular officer actually excused herself from the interview, went to a nearby office to get on the computer , and typed in the web address to confirm there was an actual listing of our engagement with a description of our planned nuptials. Convinced this was a true relationship, she immediately approved the visa.